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Mad skillz and making it

The garlic harvest needed disciplining, so I taught myself to make garlic braids. Thankyou YouTube.

Apparently, according to one random blogger, you are not really a homesteader until you have made a garlic braid. Its actually a pretty simple process compared to the basket weaving and lei making I learned in Hawaii.

Around half the garlic I planted has been harvested. Most of, around 6 lbs, it is in these three braids.

In early winter last year I invested in 1 pound of heritage Inchelium Red soft neck seed garlic, from Filaree Garlic Farm in Omak, WA. seem a pretty good return on investment at this point and half the planting is still in the ground.

Tomorrow I barter one of these braids for 10 lbs of apricots to dehydrate. An alternative barter economy is alive and well, in the underground channels of Coyote Town.

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