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Looking. Seeing. Finding.

Saturday past I took a little drive to tiny Hillsboro, NM (pop 154 in 2020) to their town wide holiday celebration.

Musicians played on the streets, some on the smallest stage in the world - the tongue of a vintage Airstream.

There were artists and flea market vendors. The couple of tiny blocks of the village main street was a bustle of people enjoying the winter sunshine and enchanted blue sky.

I scored a few treasures for the hacienda (or market displays).

A fish on a dish Chinese enameled tin plate. In part because it reminded me of the pescatarian in my life but also in memory of the Chinese tin goods so prevalent in African market places in the nineties. This image is from a visit (with the pescatarian) to Lusaka in the mid nineties.

In Chinese art (and thus feng shui) the Koi (carp) fish symbolizes wealth, abundance, luck, and sometimes also perseverance. Until needed as a plate, this lucky fish find will occupy an auspicious place in the back garden.

What is possibly an African basket, but I stand open to correction on the origins of this one.

It is big and shallow - perfect for offering garlic at the farmers market. Or holding balls of yarn until then. Or just a beauty in its own right.

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