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Looking for hope

Working with shweshwe today.

I’ve carried a small stash of traditional brown and blue shweshwe cloth around with me for over 20 years now.

This week I’m making loose cotton trousers for dawn yoga (in the garden or on the rooftop.) These are designed using the same pattern, crafted after the serious yoga journey began in the early eighties (who remembers The Colour Purple - the book not the movie?) and which saw me through the India years.

Yoga pants are all fine and well in winter, but loose cotton trousers are way more comfortable in desert summertime.

At the same time I’m working on this cloth hoarder thing I have had going forever. Right now it is time to work on all my “one day I’m going to…” things.

It’s time to look in the suitcases and boxes and baggage I’ve carried around the world with me for decades. Pestilence or treasure? Hope remains.

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