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Pancakes are the easiest way to make a quick, nourishing meal in my house.

Since some version of pancakes are often the starting point of my brunch - usually my first meal of the day is late morning - and since I’ve been asked for recipes when I feature food, today’s star, to celebrate National Pancake Day, ( yes there is such a thing and it started out as National Lumberjack Day) is a loaded potato pancake.

Okra season is coming to an end but these burgundy beauties went into a veggie stew using what I had from the garden: eggplant, tomato, okra, chile, onion, garlic and herbs and spices various.

While the vegetables were stewing, I grated a potato and mixed with 2 tablespoons oil, half a cup of chickpea flour and half a cup of coconut milk (use any liquid even plain water)

One can add any spices, herbs or seasonings at this point. I tend to keep my pancakes unseasoned as the topping is usually spicy.

Each pancake consists of a couple of tablespoons of the mix, cooked in a medium hot, nonstick pan or cast iron griddle.

Flipped half way, I like them crispy and a little bit browned on both sides.

Loaded with the veggie stew: pancakes for Sunday brunch. Again.

Or maybe really just an excuse to create a whole post around sharing how beautiful sliced okra is.

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