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Living through it

Updated: May 25, 2022

I was going to post pictures, today, of the full Flower Moon flowers in the Garden of Earthly Delights but the fine ash falling, eerie orange light, billowing smoke and pyrocumulus clouds took my attention completely away.

Firstly: the hacienda is completely okay, and I am not under immediate threat from the wildfires burning through my state right now, even though our police department has put out a call to the community to pay attention to potential fire hazards on perimeter zones around our houses.

While the police department is ALWAYS trying to get us to clean up our acts (we are big part trailer park town after all) flying embers do travel miles ahead of the fire, carried on the strong winds we are experiencing. The ash I’m noticing on surfaces is testament to that.

The Red Pony and Little Yoni canoe both are dusted with ash this morning as is everything outside.

Though I am safe, ranchers, and their animals, to the west-north-west of me, and many communities to the more densely populated north and east of me, are not. Hundreds of thousands of acres in New Mexico have been consumed by wildfire in the past few weeks. Hundreds of homes have been lost and thousands of people are currently displaced, under mandatory evacuation orders or because there is no back for them to go to where they once had vibrant life, some for hundreds of years. Some of the first European (Spanish) settlements, in what is now known as the United States have been consumed this wildfire season. Gone. Gone. The damage done.

Firefighters refueling are a feature of petrol station and food outlet parking lots. Vivia! Firefighters Viva!

Water is collected from the lake by aerial water carrying planes.

Yes I’ve lived in war zones. Coming back to breathing.


Living through it.

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