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Living pantry

Went “shopping” in my living veggie pantry this morning for ingredients to include in today’s kitchen alchemy project.

My plan was to make a batch of vegan balls (think meatballs without killing any animals) with mushrooms, oats and quinoa as the base ingredients.

Beside tomatoes and peppers - sweet green and hot Havusu - I found a couple of little purple onions, a few Royal Burgundy beans and surprise! a handful of purple tomatillos.

I thought the Storm That Ate Downtown in late July had taken out the entire tomatillo patch. It seems a plant or two survived, very straggly and clinging to the wall, entangled in mesquite but valiantly producing fruit.

The results of my morning’s endeavors are very tasty. I opted for quinoa/mushroom cakes rather than balls because the mixture was a little sticky. Rolling into balls proved just too messy so I adapted.

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