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Living in the flight path

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Dawn skies are filled with the honking vees of migratory cranes and geese these days. Sign of season’s change.

Some might be moving through, but many overwinter in the local wetlands of the lakes, (yay! paddling with pelicans in my future), the river and of course the major winter destination for (real) snowbirds: Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge

While out in the garden with my camera capturing migratory flights, I couldn’t resist sneaking a shot of a still sleeping bumble bee (they weren’t snoring) on the Tithonia (Mexican sunflower). I’m sure that, as those first rays of sun warms them, they will soon wake.

The grapevine is going for the untethered look. Note to self: prioritize working on the additional arbor.

I do like living on a migratory route.

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