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Lady of (hopefully lots and lots of) Shallots

My order of a lb of planting setts of Allium cepa var. aggregatum - Dutch shallots aka multiplier onions or potato onions - arrived in the mail yesterday. They will go to the ground around mid November when nights are consistently cool enough. Today I am preparing beds In beautiful mid seventies sunshine.

Still waiting on French shallots (Allium oschaninii) which seem to be in short supply right now. I’ve possibly come late to the planting party since my usual suppliers are all out of stock already. I did find another French shallot seller but it took a bit of internet sleuthing. French shallots are apparently the truly desirable shallot for discerning cooks.

Since my garlic was really well received at the farmers market this past season, I am looking to add another allium to my market offerings.

I’ve no experience with growing shallots at all, but anything which occupies garden space over winter, is low maintenance and is harvested around the time the garden real estate is wanted for beans seems worth trying.

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