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Kitchen alchemy

Harvested my first radishes of the season.

They made a nice, fresh addition to my lunch plate - a vegan, homemade variation on the traditional ploughman’s lunch of bread, cheese and a pickle.

Savory, vegan, gluten free bread alternative cooked in my waffle maker: almond meal, ground flax seed, almond milk (unsweetened, plain)caraway seeds, nutritional yeast, baking powder, coarse ground black pepper and olive oil. Came out perfectly: light and crispy and beautiful rye bread flavor from the caraway seed and olive oil.

Walnuts for cheese.

An array of pickles because the alchemy of fermenting vegetables has long been my passion. Many of my ferments are spicy because peppers grow easily where I live, are things of beauty and my palate is tuned to fire.

Today I chose spicy pickled okra, purple cabbage caraway sauerkraut, and spicy green cabbage carrot sauerkraut.

Spinach, cilantro, parsley and radishes were fresh picked from the garden.

An impulse addition was olives just because I saw them next to the fermented veggie stash.

Washed down with hibiscus tea grown by the Last Chinese Emperor Impersonator on a little island of the coast of Georgia . I’m all out of ghee but if I wasn’t that waffle would be slathered in ghee.

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