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Jazz improv on a plate

Brunch: spicy pumpkin fritters, fruit chutney, dusted with chopped raw peanuts. Fresh, raw apple slices.

Bryant Terry, in his Afro-Vegan cookery book, says South Africans eat pumpkin fritters for breakfast. Huh?

I ad-libbed a lot with this recipe. Basically pumpkin purée (mine was steamed butternut, 2020 harvest), garbanzo aka chickpea flour (or any flour of your choice) and flavoring.

I used chile pepper (mine was serrano pepper mash, 2020 season), ginger, onion, garlic, finely chopped bok choy, garam masala, (or could use curry powder) ground flax seed (in place of egg), ground brown sesame seeds. Tablespoon of toasted sesame oil (I’ve learned to go real easy on sesame oil - there’s always the risk of an overwhelming Chinese take-out flavor) Tablespoon of maple syrup (optional - it’s winter and a blustery, promising snow, kind of chilly day. Carbs welcome). Braggs aminos for seasoning but you could use tamari or just plain salt to taste.

I like to sauté the onion ginger and spices before adding to the mix and baking. 375 degrees around 20-25 minutes each side, turning halfway through.

One could also pan fry or cook on a cast iron griddle/comal over coals or in a horno (adobe oven) for a lovely smoky outdoorsy kitchen flavor #6thavenueshala

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