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Irie, mon

I *might* have planted the callaloo (amaranthus viridis) a little too densely.

It is about 15 inches high now and obviously leaning out for love, or more likely light .

I made my first meal from the thinnings chopped and cooked Jamaican style: garlic (first harvest of the season), ginger, a dash of hot chile pepper (last season’s harvest, dried and ground into flakes), thyme fresh picked, fire roasted crushed tomato. Yes from a can 😜 Thank you Muir Glen Organics in WA. Using canned items is pushing it for true I-tal cooking which requires fresh, unprocessed ingredients.

To honour the roots of Rastafarian cooking, and to keep my dish more I-tal, I didn’t use salt. The taste was pretty authentic (delicious).

Sound track Bob Marley/any reggae beat

All that’s missing is the white sand under bare feet, ocean waves and the scent of sacred herb heavy in the air.

Irie, mon.

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