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Inspectors of Mulch.

It rained (briefly). I’ve read that shallots like to be kept damp. To retain as much as possible of that lovely moisture around the shallots, I went down to the feed store and bought a bag of compressed animal bedding straw. To replace the leaf mulch which recent winds stole.

No sooner had I spread the straw, than the shallot beds were alive with birds. Big groups of LBJs (probably sparrows) made me think of mice as they moved through, pecking and scratching, rearranging and scattering the freshly spread mulch.

Doves, both Mourning (Ring Necked) and White Winged were not going to miss out on the action either.

The bag of straw claimed to be “noxious weed free”. The bird behavior is making me think there might be some kind of tasty-to-birds seed in there anyway. Even if not defined as noxious.

Or maybe the local birds just thought my mulch spreading needed inspection and correction.

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