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Inside Outside

Looking at life from both sides.

It’s not google, but my street view this summer solstice is happy and colour full.

Just what I wanted for this south facing and formerly hot, exposed area of the urban house lot food forest project. None of the sunflowers, cosmos sulphureus, marigolds or petunias In the solinacea (chile/tomato/eggplant) section were sown this year. Cosmos, marigolds and sunflowers were sown last year and, after banking some seed, I let the birds and elements have their way with the rest of the seed, but I have absolutely no idea where the petunias came from.

And no, I don’t intend to really do any garden consultancy. The sign is a pest deterrent: the rude and entitled kind of pestilence.

The current kitchen window view: looking west. Sunflowers have really set themselves up as magnificent protectors of my privacy this season

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