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Infrastructure Development

My new made in Canada from recycled plastic compost bin, thanks to a US Dept of Agriculture (federal) grant to stimulate recycling and small scale (ie backyard) agriculture in small and rural communities across America.

All I had to do to earn this really nice compost bin (company is Soilsaver and value seems to be $99-$120 online ) was attend an hour long online workshop on composting.

In a few weeks time once I have established a nice home for them, I will be receiving a package of red wriggler worms (value probably around $25) as the second part of this super practical stimulus “payment”.

What’s not to love about receiving free gardening education, tools and resources for investing one hour of my time in training in how to be a better steward of the earth (that’s not how the federal grant was worded but that’s the bottomline). Only other condition: I had to live and practice micro agriculture in a community of under 10,000 people

Note: the bin is super easy to assemble. I know this because I assembled it twice and took it apart once. The tantalizing flat package arrived by courier when it was 93 degrees out. I tore the package apart and, in my excitement, assembled the bin in the cool comfort of air conditioning, only to discover it would not fit through the door into the garden. Oops.

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