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In the pink

Once upon a time long ago and far away when I was very young and in another country, I remember growing radishes effortlessly. They germinated rapidly and swelled to succulence in no time at all.

Not all childhood experiences can be recreated later in life. Or so it seems with radishes. In spite of a total crop failure last spring, in late February this year, I sowed three different varieties of radish in three different areas of the garden, thinking they would be grown and done before I'd be needing the areas for beans, tomatoes and chilies.

I had visions of mounded offerings of pretty, plump, pink radish bunches on my farmers market table around about Easter.

To go with the dancing rabbit hand block printed kitchen towels which I planned to print in a rainbow of colours.

Oh the best laid plans!

I didn't get far with the rainbow rabbits project when a broken arm stopped all printing.

This week I harvested a single beautiful little bright pink globe. It was crisp, crunchy with just enough tangy bite to it.

Maybe the sandy desert earth is just not moist enough for radishes, the Chihuahuan desert spring too warm and dry.

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