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Illuminated change

There's weather coming in.

Setup just before sunrise, at the second to last farmers market this Saturday just past, was illuminated: a shepherd's warning in the apricot, peach and soft pink range of red.

Today I have been pottering, in strong gusty wind, in the garden, harvesting what is probably the last of the eggplant, jalapeños, and pomegranate, while pondering what to do about two tomato vines laden with green fruit.

It is possible that temperatures will dip below freezing during at least one night this week. I'm keeping an eye on meteorologists' data driven predictions right now, even as I read signs and omens in the sky.

Tomorrow I will make a plan to protect the sprawling collection of succulents and aloes and perhaps (depending on the word of formentioned meteorologists) pick green tomatoes.

Whatever the weather, it's that time of year. Fried green tomatoes are sure to be on the menu in the next few weeks.

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