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Heritage pulls up a chair at the kitchen table

On impulse, I turned this week’s experimental free form baking - red chile pepper spiced, vegan, gluten free corn bread - into rusks.

They are great for dipping in a pool of olive oil. Super more-ish.

Yes it seems that, without deliberation, I am channeling the old country ancestry.

Rusks are sometimes called twice baked bread. They are a way to preserve bread. Rusks are useful road food for long journeys. Or for those of us who enjoy crunchy, crispy mouth-feel to foods.

In this case I baked the cornbread in a standard electric oven, When cool, sliced it into pieces, laid these out on a baking rack and let the dry Chihuahuan Desert air do the rest over a period of around 36 hours. If one lives in a more humid climate, one could use a dehydrator, or an oven on low, for a few hours or until desired dehydration is reached.

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