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Hello ! Snowday!

It was the stillness that first alerted me when I woke. I hadn't known my senses remembered this particular quality of quiet that attends a snow fall.

Then I noticed the weather app on my phone was displaying some rarely seen symbols.

As water for my early morning tea boiled I put on the garden lights. Flurries indeed! Soft flakes were falling fast and sticking too. Worried they would melt by daylight I took a few pictures before settling in for morning meditation.

By the time it was light enough to see outside in natural light, all was transformed.

A white dusted magical landscape greeted me as the sun rose behind Turtleback Mountain.

All shapes and forms in my winter garden of mostly bare branches, sticks, twigs and dried seed heads were outlined, delicately delineated in an exquisite way.

The garlic and shallot beds outback were very happy.

Time will tell if the same can be said of the transforming to xeric areas.

The architectural elements come into their own in these conditions.

Even the Haitian mermaid on a wall gathered some for herself.

Mexican wrought iron chairs did the same.

A stealthy feline, not looking wildly happy about the situation, was spotted doing what cats do best: looking into the matter.

The feline report is pending.

Here's mine.

Hello Snow!

Welcome back.

It's been a long time .

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