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Hello September

September is a beautiful month in the garden.

Pollinators are busy in the Allium tuberosum (aka Chinese or garlic chives) which are flowering everywhere after a spring redistribution throughout the back garden.

Disciplining some rather robustly dominant Tithonia (aka Mexican Sunflowers), I discover more Tulbaghia constellations.

I am so glad I decided to take out a significant portion of the Tithonia before they smothered these little beauties.

I do hope they continue to thrive, though I did also find that the skunk has wrecked havoc with another small patch which I tucked away in this bed in spring. It’s my first year of growing Tulbaghia. I’m kinda protective.

The ever present feline watching game persists.

Cats don’t mind if I allow the edges to grow a little wild and unkempt.

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