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Hello 2023

Just another enchanted dawn: sunrise from the front porch with Turtleback Mountain sneaking into the picture.

Streetview of a midwinter scruffy 6th Avenue Shala

May your life this year be as enchanted, colourful and full of promise as a New Mexico dawn.

My wish for myself: may the general USA public just accept people who are different from them and stop asking me "where are you from?"

It is a micro aggression, emphasizing my otherness and difference. At the least, it is bad manners and tiresome. At worst, this othering demonstrates underlying values on the xenophobia and racist continuum.

If we are friends, in time I will probably be happy to talk about my personal history until such time as it infringes on my publisher's contract.

If I don't know you, or we have just met: please refrain from overstepping boundaries of respect.

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