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Harvesting the woodpile: winter projects

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

To say I have a big woodpile would be an understatement. My stash of salvaged wood for projects currently takes up way too much space.

While it does provide cover for helpful roommates, like lizards, my ultimate goal is to use it, preferably before the ubiquitous Ants of Enchantment and sometime Disenchantment devour the low lying pieces.

To this end I designed a box to display the pollinator attractor seeds when they are offered at markets.

The wood used for this was old fencing salvaged from the east back yard of 6th Ave Shala when I demolished a structure to make way for garden space.

This little electric sander has proven itself one of my favourite power tool investments. It transforms those dried up, grey-black, splintery pieces of fencing into golden, glowing beauties, each with its own unique grain, knots and nail hole features.

A coating of oil wood preserver brings out these details, and feeds the hungry wood.

I’m not good at carpentry joints, especially not with dry, splitting salvage wood, and, after a day or two to allow the oil sealer to penetrate and dry, I used thin panel pins for joining pieces, because I had a bottle of them and life’s sometimes to short to sweat the dovetail thing. Read: I’m impatient. It isn’t the most robust box and maybe I will look for small, long screws (if they exist) next time I am in a hardware store, to make it slightly more secure.

For now, it does the job of displaying the seed packs way better than having them strewn flat on a table. Certainly also beats spending $350 plus shipping on the vintage seed display box I found for sale on Etsy and which served as my kinda, sorta inspiration.

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