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Harvesting the dawn

Janis truck and I took a little ride into the Chihuahuan desert at sunrise this morning to wild harvest Larrea tridentata (aka Creosote Bush) for the next batch of Chaparral Salve.

If you want salve, msg me. It smells like the desert after rain. (Who else is gonna bring you a bottle of rain?)

Chihuahuan Desert Chaparral healing salve is processed by means of solar extraction. The salve contains extract of sustainably wild harvested Larrea tridentata (Creosote Bush), organic olive oil, organic, Fair Trade Shea butter, beeswax.

The salve is for external use only. It may be used by humans or on animals for cuts, scrapes, grazes, insect bites, burns or for dry feet or hands, being especially effective when rubbed in around fingernails and cracked heels

Currently we have 2oz and 4 oz glass jars of salve, along with Lavender balm, lavender and buckwheat eye pillows and an array of hand printed cards/framable art for sale in the web store. We are adding new card designs often.

Message too if you want to buy cards in packs or more than singly. The price will be significantly less per individual card when purchased in quantity.

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