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Grow your own: the Back Forty diaries

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

April full moon: the Back Forty Food Forest update: red cabbage, kale, spinach and garlic are flourishing.

Sugar snap peas about 3 inches high.

Fava beans just germinating. like little rabbits popping up out of the earth.

Parsley, cilantro, chives and purple basil hanging in there. Little plants that add flavor, colour, texture and medicine to daily food.

Taro keiki have new leaves, signs of recovery after the USPS mail “canoe“ journey from Florida.

There are 9 swelling apricots on the sapling, planted last season. Yes 9. I count them several times a week. And dare the birds to get to them before me, designing nets in my head. The horticulturalist at Animas Creek Nursery, when I got the apricot tree, assured me I would have fruit this season

Two months ago, early February 2020, the Back Forty as seen from the door looked like this. A thin curve of garlic spears just visible in the centre of the image, a bare fig tree and unusual, beautiful blanketing snow bringing deep moisture to the desert.

September 2019 version of the view from that door: Cherokee White Eagle corn struggles through the unrestrained pioneers. That was the Season of Garden Neglect: I had a job 150miles round trip away. No excuses but just saying: that lifestyle was unsustainable.

October 2018, first encounter: same area different vantage point. A typical Coyote Town back yard at summer’s end. Dust and goat’s head thorns.

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