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Getting my slice

Updated: May 31, 2022

Apple pie with my morning coffee today. Not because I’ve been baking, but because I traded a handprinted dish cloth for a pie at farmers market yesterday.

It was a bit breezy, thankfully, because it dispersed the worst of the wildfire smoke, improving air quality a bit, though the mountain was still a little hazy and there were markedly less people out and about wandering the market.

I had taken four of the most beautiful, mature Sansevieria to offer.

Scientific research, peer reviewed and all, including studies by NASA, have shown Sansevieria to be one of the best plants for cleaning interior air.

I love the South African native Sansevieria for their sinuous lines, shape, colour, and country of origin, but who says you can’t have it all: functionality, aesthetics and ancestral origins.

The community responded well. Three of the four drama queen babes went home with somebody new yesterday. The fourth was markedly smaller. I had doubts about whether she was ready to go to market yet. A few more months in the Garden of Earthly Delights plant incubator will make all the difference.

Another South African beauty, a Haworthiopsis attenuata aka Zebra Plant, also left home.

This lovely individual was a pup from a zebra haworthia which has been with me over five years now. It was hard to make the decision to let it go, but it really is time to start encouraging the blooming offspring to move out.

My market booth, in just a few short weeks, is generating a small following of fellow spiky plant lovers in the community, who stop by to see what is on display.

What they are not going to see, or at least not for a few years, is little Donnie Bright Star, a recently adopted Kelly Griffin hybrid aloe which I found lurking, neglected and exhuding unhappiness, in the tiny plastic pots of aloes, cacti and succulents in a plant nursery last week.

Or the Kelly Griffin Aloe Pink Blush found at the same source.

After repotting these new wondrous marvels of housemates from their plastic pots into pottery with a good cactus medium, I am watching that dark spot on one of the Pink Blush leaves. I am a total novice in the world of pests and diseases of aloes and succulents. Adopting plants in less than prime health, from reject, marked down trays, or big box stores could be opening my spiky roommates up to contamination.

Thus I’m also monitoring some freckles of dark spots which might be fungus on the Aloe Neon Nici offsets, (also Kelly Griffin hybrids) from a very crowded parent plant acquired from the shelves next to the self checkout in the big box store on the hill. Probably that business is not going to be the best place for taking care of health, hygiene and general welfare of plants.

I‘m hoping new pots, new well draining growing medium and lots of sunshine might resolve some of the black spotty issues. As well as brighten the colour. Aloe Neon Nici is meant to glow with neon pink highlights in the sun, where currently the Garden of Earthly Delights plants are yellow.

And I’m eating pie.

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