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Garnet apples from the earth

I should probably have left them longer, but I pulled all the Red Norland potatoes this week.

I was really craving potato and the plants were turning yellow and not looking good: heat?drought? disease? deficiency? normal potato plant behaviour?

I don’t know the cause of the unhappy potato plants but, from five plants, I now have almost four pounds (digital scale) of beautiful jewels from the earth. I shall savour them steamed or grated and mixed with chickpea flour for pancakes.

The Yukon Gold potato plants, while not as bad as the Red Norlands, are also looking a bit distressed. I might pull them soon too. I want to sow Vigna unguiculata (cowpeas/black eyed peas) and Lima beans (Phaseolus lunatus) soon and need the garden space.

Freshly dug young potatoes are just a treat I give myself and they do to fill a garden bed from February - late winter - to early summer when heat adapted plants can come into their own.

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