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Front and center

There was definitely snow on the wind, though none on the ground, for the first of the winter farmers markets last Saturday.

Only six vendors (myself included) braved the below freezing early morning temperatures

to set up in a somewhat frost burned, brown and leafless park where new trees have been planted since last we were here three weeks ago. With the attraction of hotsprings, winter is peak visitor season in this town and autumn doesn't last long. Leaves drop overnight.

The hand printed cloth on offer worked it's mysterious magnetic magic, and people not at the market for the fresh vegetables or baking, found things at my booth to take back home or buy as gifts. Setting up at the market on this cold morning was worth it after all even though the early morning forecast of snow flurries (didn't happen) almost had me cancel.

Bonus: with the change of market seasons, Nomad Dreaming has a new permanent spot front and center with beautiful views of Turtleback Mountain and, on this day, a moody, grey-green rumpled satin Rio Grande populated by small ducks and herons.

When I got home after market, I found a huddle of little Inca Doves arrayed on the birdbath, basking in thin afternoon sun. Apparently tail feathers don't feel the cold.

For me there's not that much basking happening. It's mostly back to printing, printing, printing this week, for a cancer support association fundraiser market on the Saturday after annual Feast of the Great Turkey Massacre.

Next winter farmers market is third Saturday in December (17th).

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