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Friday projects

Fridays are prepare-for-market days.

The pots of Allium Tuberosum (Garlic Chive/Chinese Chive) seedlings are ready to be offered for sale.

Creating label stakes for them used some of the ancient bamboo skewers which I found in a drawer at the Little Adobe Casita in 2015.

Luggage tags are also useful for identifying the developing story of the 6th Avenue Shala Spices.

Za’atar and Chilli Lime Salt sold well when I introduced them last week, so needed replenishing

Harissa has been added to the range.

Before I could make the Harissa spice blend, however, I had to dehydrate the garlic.

Peeling a pound from my stash of big fat bulbs took a good few hours

Fortunately I have a garlic slicer, making this part of the task pretty easy. The hacienda is, none the less, strongly perfumed now with garlic. This Inchelium Red has a spicy pungency. The dehydrator went out to the shed. Garlic can be pretty stinky while drying.

Dehydration took around four hours at 105 degrees (F) and yielded a good pile of crispy flakes.

The odor of garlic is slightly offset now by the lovely, warm aroma of toasted cumin, coriander and caraway seed to go into the Harissa mix. It’s a spicy one this time - the Shala grown chiles are hot.

Taste North Africa. Harissa makes its debut tomorrow alongside Chile Lime Salt (amazing sprinkled on cold melon) and Za’atar (great on popcorn or hummus)

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