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Forest bathing in a place of old volcanoes

I dedicated a day this week to re-earthing and recalibrating in the Gila National Forest, while also collecting fallen wood and cones to make culinary ash for the corn nixtamalization project.

While it did involve a lot of driving, and leaving home at 5 in the morning, there was the first gift of the beautiful, eloquent sunrise from Emory Pass, featured in previous post.

As expected, my destination being a journey within a National Forest, a lot of shinrin yoku was on offer, and specifically Ponderosa Pine medicine. What the little phone camera can’t capture is the beautiful smell of the forest in high summer.

Geologically, my journey was through the Mogollon-Datil volcanic field of New Mexico which is part of a discontinuous belt of middle Cenozoic volcanism (called present era in earth’s history but actually beginning about 66million years ago) that runs from the Sierra Madre Oriental in central Mexico, through the Trans-Pecos volcanic field in west Texas, and northward to the San Juan volcanic field in southwestern Colorado. The Datil-Mogollon region is one of the largest concentrations of supervolcanoes (large calderas).

E! Pele! E! Pele!

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