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First frost, last harvest

This week past (night of Nov 18/19) saw the first frost and provoked a final harvest of eggplant and hot chilli - both the heirloom Fresno and the fiery little Thai.

It is satisfying to have home grown eggplant so late in season. I’m thinking to oven roast some (the stove heat warms the kitchen beautifully) and make baba ganoush with the rest.

A couple of the Fresno chile will add heat to a Haitian pikliz while some will also be oven roasted for adding to other dishes in the next few weeks. The fiery Thai babes will go into a lacto ferment for longer term preservation and use.

Meanwhile the kitchen window view showed that the birds were not happy about the frozen birdbath on Friday morning.

Am resolved to serve my avian housemates better by being more attentive with warm water for de-icing in the mornings now. Curve Billed Thrasher’s glare of discontent is serious. And hopefully it might just keep said Thrasher from tossing aside the mulch around the garlic and shallots. (doubt it though - Thrasher loves causing mayhem in newly planted beds)

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