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Enchanted Oasis

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

The recent full harvest moon found me camping at Faywood, a hotsprings desert oasis.

The experience was a land of enchantment, magical realist special.

Velvet desert night, soundtrack by coyote, lighting by Bella Luna and mineral hotspring water from deep within the earth.

It was blissful, until the flock of peacocks who inhabit the campsite, ripped the dawn apart with their harsh cries.

A pair of them got really in my face during my attempts to enjoy a morning pot of coffee at the communal kitchen/clubhouse

Nuisance factor of fending off big birds at the breakfast table aside, and seeing beyond the dazzle of the beauty of the feathers, the peacocks have a purpose at this resort. Their job is to keep rattlesnakes at bay.

Peacock 1 Rattlesnake 0

There were other visitors to my campsite. These two half grown kittens moved in for the duration of my stay, positioning themselves, for the most part, strategically in the path of food.

When I tried to eat on my lap, they had a plan for that too.

When I shut the food boxes away, this pale ginger beauty got all vocal and pouty. Definitely a talker.

I am assuming this fine, feather footed gentleman is another member of the snake control department.

I had these beautiful pools all to myself most of the time. They are furred and feathered resident free, thanks to the privacy fence and there weren’t many other human campers around.

I had booked my stay at Faywood as an overnight bivouac, intending to participate in a Gila River Festival paddle event. Low river flow cancelled the paddle, leaving me more soaking and relaxing time.

No complaints.

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1 Comment

Dave Maclennan
Dave Maclennan
Sep 24, 2021

Sorry you missed the paddle opportunity but you certainly made up for that lost time. 😊

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