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Earth tones

Updated: Apr 18

Who is this new room mate discovered hanging out on the garlic?

Bedazzled in the desert. Bedazzled by the desert. Pomegranates are budding.

Early morning in the garden, a greeting of grape flowers.

The last of the purple bearded iris turn out to have iridescent, almost black falls. Who knew that was coming?

The recalcitrant Raven Girl, purportedly a black bearded Iris, shows no sign of blooming.

There’s nothing neutral about the natural palette surrounding me here, now.

I’m refreshing my bedroom colours as the garden becomes kaleidoscopic, bound by variations on a green theme. I’m especially partial to the silvery grey greens and blues it seems. Accentuated by hot pink

What constitutes an earth toned palette? The man in the paint shop unasked and out of nowhere: “jewel tones” . He’s looking at the computer record of all my past paint colour choices since coming to this dusty little desert town. Humpfh. I beg to differ. Karma Chamelion plays in my junk attic head. “Desert loving in your eyes…”

The sweetest sugar snap peas are today’s success story, best savoured straight from the bush.

Garden to mouth in under 60 seconds. The gamble of seed sowed in January paid off. It WAS a very mild winter with zero hard frost and very few frozen birdbath mornings.

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