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Desert snow

Precipitation at last!

We don‘t often get snow, and haven’t had significant precipitation for a long time.

Though the garden is treacherous with ice right now, and temperatures are hovering at a frigid 18 F (-8 C) I am happy for the earth.

So happy, in fact, that I stayed up past my bedtime to watch the first snowflakes begin to stick.

My weather app called it heavy snow (don’t laugh Colorado) at 9pm last night, but it didn’t begin to accumulate until at least an hour later when the earth relinquished its warmth.

It was only in the early hours, when the storm passed, that the temperatures really plummeted.

This layer of lovely moisture has come at a perfect time to stir roots, and inspire fruit trees and freshly pruned grapevines to spring from dormancy.

Garlic is hanging in there. From past experience it seems to handle a bit of snow. Maybe, just maybe, the shallots will now consider awakening.

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