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Desert glamping

On a recent wildflower walk in Saguaro National Park I chose a glamping option from Air BnB for my overnight bivouac: a converted vintage caravan (aka travel trailer or camper) south of Tucson on the edge of Saguaro National Park.

While the space was private, comfortable and provided all the comforts and amenities of a generic hotel room: fridge, microwave, coffee maker, TV, high speed WiFi and Made in China dollar store southwest decor, it did have great views of desert and wildlife (next post), a lovely outdoor shower and low water environmentally friendly porta potty (which I somehow failed to photograph).

Would I stay there again? Yes if I wanted to be in Saguaro National Park for sunrise, take photographs of desert cottontails for my great niece in England, or to do online editing of my Flickr photographs and stream movies. The WiFi was excellent. The positives about this bivouac more than off-set the dollar store decor which wholeheartedly embraced plastic plants.

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