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Dangling from the horned moon, but dancing

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Moon is swelling again, dancing with Venus in the western sky, just after sunset

Cradling her shadowy full potential.

Feeling restless, pushing against the constraints of the times which cancelled my plans for January tropical beach explorations, for the second year, I harnessed the moon, saddled up Red Pony and took a little road trip.

With a good Australian noir murder mystery (The Lost Man by Jane Harper) as traveling companion, I wandered up hill and down dale in the previously unexplored (by me) south eastern sector of this enchanted state.

I came across this sign. Light was fading fast so I didn’t find the heart (a post office) of the hamlet known as Weed, NM . Now there’s an address to hanker after. Especially for a gardener.

I need to go back when sunset does not happen at the earliest time in all the year. Inadvertent mistake on my part.

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