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Dances with wolf(berries)

Updated: May 13, 2022

A few months ago I came home from a plant nursery visit with a couple of Lycium barbarum aka Wolfberry or Goji berry plants.

This morning I discover a scattering of tiny purple stars, amongst the lush greenery.

I hadn’t expected this wolfberry blossom galaxy quite so soon, having understood they would only begin producing the second or third year. Will they set fruit?

I have only just begun building a trellis support to lift the trailing branches seen below in the still somewhat under construction bed, behind some lavender and Apache Gold yarrow.

Yarrow which the Little Brown Birds are determined to shred and scatter, as evidenced by floating flowers in the bird bath.

Perhaps the Little Brown Birds are registering their umbrage at my having netted away the rainbow chard from their ferocious appetites. Seems some of my backyard roommates prefer greenery and flower buds to insects, grains and seeds which ornithologists claim they are MEANT to eat.

I’m watching now to see who will win: Apache Gold Yarrow or Little Brown Birds, who have already vanquished ALL the Purple Lady Bok Choy (expensive seed that was) and almost all the Rainbow Chard.

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