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Corn Moon

Corn Maiden manifests as an alien superbug?

No that isn't what Corn Moon, the latest card design in my Medicine Bundle series represents. But there's some truth.

I love everything about Zea mays (aka maize, corn, mielies): the plant, the tassels, the cobs, the colours, the taste. On the continent of my birth Zea mays is a staple food.

The potential to grow rainbow varieties of Indian Corn (along with beans) was a huge factor in my attraction to the southwest of the USA. After five or six seasons growing different heritage corns with varying degrees of success in a variety of enchanted gardens, I planted none this year.

Corn ear worm destroyed the entire crop last year. I decided to give Corn Maiden a sabbatical while I contemplate the redesign of the garden.

Corn Moon card design was born this week, under a little duress. I am stressing a bit about the impending deadline of Southwest Print Fiesta, making stock for my print market booth like an automaton.

One of the blocks featured in the line up above is wrong. It was the original carving. I failed to reverse the image to carve the yellow and blue blocks when I took a print to get register. I had to carve block number one all over again.

It was a failure of presence and awareness: a bug in the system.

More haste less speed illustrated.

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