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Clean one thing

Thanks to a wonderful website whisperer, I think the website has been cleaned up. The slow loading has hopefully gone away. I am certainly able to post to the blog from mobile again.

Muchas gracias, webmistress extraordinalire, Lady of the Gorgeous Hair, currently inhabiting The Land of Perpetual Saturdays. (with the rest of the world). You are a true Amiga. I have been meaning to clean up the website for a year or more. In one night shift that whole neglected to-do item was addressed. I owe you a hotsprings soak and Mexican meal to the power of 10. When we are released from captivity. One day. Someday. Cue Bette Midler version of the Bob Dylan Anyday I shall Be Released...

So in a cascade of back dated posts I will play catch-up. Then we can go forward together in the unreal time which masquerades as real time today.

March 28

My clean-one-thing-every-day task March 28, was my bedroom.

Took almost everything out. Carpets on the wash line in the sun. Floors were swept, vacuumed, then mopped with wet cloth . They are drying here.

How’s your #quarantinechecklist going?

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