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Cat amongst the violets.

At the plant nursery which I visited this week, I found a sleeping cat amongst the African Violets display.

I restrained myself from tickling those soft paddy paws. I wasn’t in the market for African Violets anyway.

Sleeping cat had the right idea, finding a spot in the airconditioned show room.

It was 104 degrees in the shade outside.

I, however was in search of plants (preferably native to the southwest region)which don’t mind these kind of temperatures. Of course I bought too many.

Now that the garlic is all harvested, there is empty space. Slowly, slowly the arid adapted garden plan is evolving. I am holding back on sowing a monsoon season food garden with too many water needy varieties, besides a planting of Lima beans and the southwest native tepary beans for dried bean harvest. Our monsoon rains have been paltry for years. No reason to expect this year will be different.

When I got home, I discovered the neighborhood cats (I am assuming cats, since my driveway cameras don’t show any humans entering the property) had had a party in the aloe and haworthia plant nursery on the front porch. A few Italian terracotta pots succumbed. Terracotta pots purchased especially for presenting these beautiful spikey, toothed, spotted and striped babes at farmers market.

Grrrrr. Drat those cats.

Why can’t they be like plant nursey cat and tiptoe gently between the violets instead of wrecking havoc amongst my merchandise? After using the garden as a giant litter box.

Louts and vandals, the lot of them.

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