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But never unicorns

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

There I was on this Christmas eve doing the usual drywall patching, down on my knees and up to my elbows in tools and plaster and spackle, when I found myself noticing hanging birds.

Next thing I know the bedroom has grown a bird tree.

Practicing abhla bharat or shisheh (traditional Indian folk embroidery with mirrors)

Haitian recycled tin dove

Ceramic thrift store dove with delicate opalescence.

Mexican folk art tin swallow.

Do I collect hanging bird ornaments? Until I rounded these up from around the house, I didn’t know I did. But yes: birds. They are my thing. Along with the sun, moon, stars and plants. And don’t EVER forget Jacalope. Oh and rainbows.

But never unicorns. No. Not unicorns. Take that pointy bit away.

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