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But is it hoar?

A fine filigree of frost decorates collard greens this morning when I go out just after sunrise with warm water to de-ice the birdbaths.

It’s only the second time so far this season that I’ve had to melt the ice for the early birds.

The ice today was pretty thin and might have melted within half an hour. I do spoil my avian roommates. Some days a whole flock of little Inca doves bask in the sun on the birdbath and I have to delay topping up the water.

There are probably still several more harvests in the two stalwart collard plants who hung on, albeit getting tough and bitter, surviving the long hot summer and ravenous caterpillars. New leaves coming on now are tender and sweet. They make lovely wraps for delectable morsels. Cool weather equals no caterpillars.

A hard freeze is rare here, but when one happens, that might be the end of this long providing patch of valuable leafy greens.

I've spent way too much time trying to work out if this crystalline freezing phenomenon on the collard leaves is hoar frost. I'm still not certain.

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