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Breaking fast at the shala

Updated: May 5, 2022

Not enough for strawberry scones, which I was contemplating, this morning’s harvest of eight for infinity, sweet strawberries served as appetizer for vegan breakfast blue corn and sauerkraut pancakes.

Topped with a dollop of goat milk yoghurt these became not strictly vegan but I like goat milk products when I can get them. One could use any vegan yoghurt, sour cream or vegan nut spread as substitute.

Sauerkraut is from my latest batch, made by fermenting red cabbage, caraway seeds and salt for 21 days.

Yesterday’s harvest of fat radishes added crunch to a hummus and sauerkraut lunch sandwich, which I gobbled up without photographing.

Talking of gobbling up, not everything in the food forest is making it to the kitchen. The little brown birds (sparrows?) have totally devoured every last Purple Lady bok choy seedling which germinated. Last week they discovered the rainbow chard.

A temporary solution of net has been deployed this morning in an attempt to rescue some chard this season, while I contemplate longer term solutions to the hungry bird problem.

Now I understand why a neighbour artist, who has been gardening here almost twenty years, had constructed beautiful but quite big netting cages in his backyard for his fruit, berry and food gardening.

Hmm. His garden has a lot of straight lines and beautiful enlightened control. And no grass. And that cage aesthetic. Mine is all curves, abandon to competing forces and opportunistic grass just waiting to take over. I will never achieve his aesthetic, (will I even still be alive in 20 years time) but I certainly can learn a lot from how others do this garden in the desert thing.

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