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Blooming marvels

Updated: May 11, 2022

In the cool early morning, a lovely perfume leads me to discover the first flowers of the season offered by Madame Moonflower (Datura Wrightii - aka sacred datura) .

I am glad this Chihuahuan desert native feels at home under the mesquite tree, not only returning for the third season, but also sowing some seeds around, ensuring continuity.

Pomegranate buds are slowly unfurling an almost neon orange.

I do hope some of these flowers get pollinated in spite of the strong winds which I imagine must make the duties of the winged pollinators difficult.

In the outback, I find the first breadseed poppy has opened. Its delicate petals don’t last long in the wind. I look forward to the fine, upstanding poppy seed heads down the line.

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