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Another Mid Year Full Moon

A sunset thunderstorm, so typical of monsoon season, means I have a bucket in the kitchen to catch the drips from the leaking roof, and I probably won’t be up on the roof tonight watching moonrise.

However I did get a lovely relaxing full moon hotsprings soak in at the Pelican Spa, where the bathing rooms all have window ac units which offsets the upper nineties outdoor temperatures. This time of year it’s easy to get my favourite room.

Earlier today, I was thinking about booking a last soak of the day (8-9 pm) rooftop tub at The Charles Motel, with a view of the night sky and bella luna, but then saw the clouds building up and changed my plans.

Grateful today that those clouds brought rain. So often the cumulonimbus gather then drift away again. I will sacrifice bathing in the light of the full moon for the sake of rain.

The garden luxuriates.

I don’t often look in the mirror, but when I do I empathize with this tattered echinacea flower. Past prime, the both of us, a little bit ravaged by everyday calamity, and half way through another year of gardening.

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