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Another cycle around the sun : Katy Cakes

Birthday breakfast: savory corn fritters (2019 harvest of Cherokee White Eagle, nixtamalized earlier this week) with green tomato chutney (fallout from snowpocalypse, October 2020) and my garden planning sketchbook. What to plant where and how to rotate?

Last year was a little bit reactive: “I have a space and it’s time to plant” style.

This year I am trying this planting plan thing.

Since I’ve been asked for recipes. For corn fritters: I adapted a random Johnny Cake recipe, added caraway seed, ground flax seeds (in place of egg) , harissa spice, tamari and for liquid goat milk whey from my cheese making. Since they have departed so radically from Johnny Cakes (aka Hoe Cakes) you could call them Katy Cakes and have permission to add, change, substitute as you feel called. They could be cooked on a cast iron comal/griddle or a hoe blade, over coals. Just sayin’

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