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Alchemy of earth and kitchen: embracing history.

This morning’s harvest: a whole lot of curly kale, 3 baby beets and a bunch of fat radishes. It has really been too hot this spring for these cooler season crops to flourish.

Kale will be baked with olive oil and nutritional yeast for crispy kale chips. Steamed baby beets with a dash of apple cider vinegar go into a jar for a side or snack later in the day.

Breakfast became a blue corn pancake loaded with (homemade) hummus, sliced radish and sprinkled with dukkah. An apple for sweetness and crunch. A Fuji from Washington state, I believe.

Dukkah or duqqa, my latest kitchen alchemical endeavour, is a Middle Eastern condiment which I first encountered in Egypt a million years ago.

Mine is made from dry roasted walnuts, almonds and sesame seeds coarsely chopped with spices: cumin, coriander, fennel, black pepper, a hint of cayenne and Mediterranean salt.

Traditionally duqqa would be eaten with bread and olive oil. I enjoy it as a topping for hummus, sprinkled on roasted vegetables like pumpkin or sweet potato just before serving, or use it to add protein and middle eastern flavour in a fresh salad.

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