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Afro fusion to start the day

Caribbean/SouthAfrican/ 6th Avenue Shala fusion breakfast: crispy (oven baked ) pumpkin fritters, crumbly soft goat milk cheese flavored with caraway seed and harissa spice (this week), green tomato chutney, (thanks to that rogue October snow storm which filled the hacienda with over 20 lbs of green tomatoes, which translated into over 20 pints of green tomato chutney, some of which have been gifted to neighbours/served as barter goods) alfalfa sprouts fresh harvested from kitchen counter.

A ginger warm, slightly spicy, flavorful locavore plate to start the winter day. Most of the ingredients were grown during 2020 season at 6th Avenue Shala.

Nubian goat’s milk for cheese, bartered from a neighbourhood goatherd. Yes, one can get permission to keep goats within city limits in my Chihuahuan desert trailer park town.

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