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I got to use one of the drawer full of free, government issue Covid-19 self testing kits this week.

I was invited to a meal at a friend’s house in a nearby community. A few hours before leaving the hacienda I dutifully swabbed my nostrils. It’s not easy to tolerate. Sticking an object deep into the nostril is quite uncomfortable, even doing it oneself. Swishing and twirling said object around in the nostril for the instructed 15 seconds was impossible for me.

After the requisite 15 minutes, timed on my cook stove, I was not surprised to see the negative result. I’m not feeling sick or anything. I just thought it was the right and respectful thing to do.

My stash of self testing kits also have an expiry date. I need to find reasons to use them since adventurous travel involving flights or border crossings doesn’t seem to be in the immediate future.

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