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Adding to the armory

Durga has another weapon in her array right there next to Shiva’s trident.

The first shot of Covid 19 vaccine administered February 5th, in midday radiance, in the parking lot of a rural hospital under the impossibly blue sky, watched over by Turtleback Mountain.

It’s not called Sierra Vista hospital for nothing.

While I waited the requisite 15 minutes to see if I eas going to have a reaction, I watched the local EMS teams work efficiently and effectively with what looked to me to be a mostly elders line up.

My state prioritizes elders and medically vulnerable.

Now I am monitored by an electronic nurse (the V-safe monitoring from my phone browser)for reaction to the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination which was administered at 12:45 February 5th.

19 hours later, NMDoH decided the first 15 minutes were done, informing me in a text in case I wasn’t so good at measuring time myself. I do hope Electronic Nurse who comes from the CDC (federal)is better at time keeping than the state health dept.

It was a Friday though and we all know Friday afternoons in government are for pau hana. And their statement is totally true: my 15 minutes of close observation was long gone at that point.

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