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Abundance: garden gone wild

I came back from the two days away at Southwest Print Fiesta to find San Marzano tomatoes, having woken from their summer heat dormancy, and enjoyed the couple of days of late monsoon season storms, falling off the vine .

I picked like crazy - over 3.5 lbs on Sunday morning. The sudden extra water is causing some splitting.

Pomegranates are suffering the same splitting fate.

Fortunately the splits at this stage don't ruin the fruit if I catch them in time before fermentation has set in.

Plant water delivery systems fill me with awe and wonder with the immediacy and efficiency of their

response . I remember how the struggling dried up looking fig fruits, which I had almost written off as crop failure due to unknown elements, swelled to a plump, lusciousness within a few hours of the first monsoon storms of the season. I ate each one straight from the tree without thinking of recording the amazing feat of responsiveness.

Now that the sun has come out again, pollinators are making merry in all the blooms and no doubt laying eggs in the undergrowth and dried plant matter piled around the edge of the garden for just that purpose.

The garden is abuzz and it is once again a beautiful golden time to be outside for morning yoga practice, even if a few mosquitoes persist. The cooler nights should see to them soon.

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