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A bounty of beets

Just when I thought I had harvested all the autumn sowing of beets, I discover another stand of them hiding under the bolting rainbow chard.

Fortunately I love the beet hummus kitchen alchemical invention of earlier in the week and will never tire of pickled beets.

This lovely big bunch Detroit Reds (seed from Native Seed Search) are steaming on the stove right now.

Extremely good value for money, this seed pack which says it had around 200 seeds originally, still has enough seed for an autumn 2021 planting. The front of pack shows one of my recording techniques for where and when I plant things.

I also use a diary, a garden map with overlaid transparent sheets for successive plantings and this photographic journal which is duplicated on my website. Why do all this? in random order: librarian habits of record keeping die hard, the garden is big, I’m still very much in the learning stage of food gardening in the Chihuahuan desert and storytelling. Of course storytelling.

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